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Raising The Body’s Energy

In this breathing exercise, we guide you through balancing and energizing your body and nervous system.

Awareness and thoughts travel through our brains and bodies as electrical signals. Physics has shown that all electrical signals have a magnetic component, thus, our thoughts, our very awareness is electromagnetic energy. In this breathing exercise, we will guide you through placing your awareness (your energy) on various parts of your body, balancing and energizing it. This develops your ability to hold your focus and use your thought energy to affect your body. Learn how to use your breath as a tool to shift your mental activity into coherent alpha brainwaves and energize the cells of your body.

With consistent practice this will allow you to:

  • Increase your ability to focus
  • Feel the energy within your body
  • Become aware of and sense the electromagnetic nature of thought activity
  • Shift easily between waking consciousness (beta brainwaves) and more relaxed alpha brainwaves