Breathwork Made Simple

Science-backed breathing to balance your brain and body




 We give you the understanding and the practical tools to balance your nervous system

Driven by a desire to solve anxiety and depression, Enactivate’s founder (Max) studied neurobiology at Oxford, Zen mindfulness in Japan and meditation in India. Max spent years stripping away the superstition and retaining only the practical techniques that are backed by research. Enactivate brings you these highly effective stress reducing techniques packaged in easy to follow short courses and simple breathing exercises. We give you the why and the how to create more balance in your brain and body.

Emmanuelle Affergan

Circus performer, France

I had the privilege to follow an 8 weeks course with Max. I have to say that I finally found a method, a range of tools to start a real work on myself. I found the approach really therapeutic. Max is a wonderful facilitator, he explains things clearly and scientifically. And most of all he doesn't put any BS mysticism on this breathing work. So it's accessible to everyone with lungs!!! 

The way the course is designed is a good mix of theory and practice. I highly recommend it specifically if you want to change paradigms and the narrative of your life.

Sanjay Willie

CEO KL, Malaysia

Back in June 2020, a good friend of mine introduced me to Enactivate, at first, I was skeptical on the promise, but I gave it a try. Max explained the science behind his methods and I was able to follow the presentations and develop my own understanding. Practicing the techniques I soon started seeing improvements with the way I respond to stressful situations. I am more composed, calm and focused. I recommend anyone to give it a try, trust in your ability to evolve, grow and be a better version of you.

Niusha Bayat

Sales rep KL, Malaysia

During the Covid lockdowns, I became depressed, which led to severe lower abdominal pain. Every difficult situation then became a huge ordeal and stress for me. One of my office colleagues introduced me to Enactivate. Max’s scientific explanation allowed me to see my situation and what I needed to change. I started practising diligently and I noticed consistent improvement in the way I respond to situations, I am calmer, focused and more energetic. I am so grateful to his program and I really encourage everyone to give Enactivate a try. You will see results within a few sessions. Thank you Max.

Avoid the spirituality trap

The Enactivate method avoids the unpractical and bipolar side effects of spirituality. Rather than  an escape from your daily responsibilities, we help you bring more quality and presence into them.

30,000k hours condensed

Max has clocked up 30,000 hours of breath work over 30 years of practice so that you don’t have to. You receive the benefit of all his trial and error, now distilled into easy and effective exercises. 

Reset your nervous system

Learn simple, practical tools to deal with the root causes of stress. Turn down the volume on cortisol and adrenalin, creating a coherent flow of energy through your body and nervous system.