Enactivate Foundation Courses

Learn exactly how to breathe most efficiently to create a calming Alpha state in your brain in just 5 minutes. 

$89.00 USD

Learn our self observation techniques that help you become aware of any self-sabotaging habits. Awareness is step one in the process of permenantly changing those habits.

$129.00 USD

Learn how to delete old habits through a process called neural pruning and how to install new ones, by in the brain.

$149.00 USD

Learn how to combine short breath holds and coordinate our pelvic muscles to create more focus and coherent brain activity. 

$245.00 USD

Dive deeper into the cerebrospinal fluid and its role in the brain and body. We will learn how to accelerate the cerebrospinal fluid, activating the pineal gland and releasing blocked emotional energy from the body.

$345.00 USD

In this live online course you'll join a group of 8 people committed to changing their emotional and mental baselines, which means to create a new paradigm, a new vantage point from which to experience life.

$1,600.00 USD

Instructor Courses

In this live online training Max will teach a small group of people committed to becoming an instructor in the Enactivate system. 

$3,000.00 USD