En [縁] Is A Japanese Concept Meaning:

All Things Are Connected


At Enactivate we offer courses and guided audio breathing exercises. Simple practical techniques and the science behind them, allowing you to tap into your nervous system, balancing your brain and body. You then have the brake and accelerator so that you can adjust your brain activity to suit the task in front of you.

When you are relaxing in the evening with friends and family, the daytime task solving brainwaves stop you from being fully present  and enjoying that moment. We can show you how to hit the brakes, slowing your brainwaves down into a state of relaxation and recovery.

In just 5 minutes we can teach you to create an Alpha state of coherence in your brain and nervous system.

Benefits of the Alpha state:

○ Feel more calm and at ease

○ Access the creative areas of your brain

○ Make better decisions

○ Communicate more effectively

Enactivate Founder
Max Whittle


Born in the UK in 1976 Max studied Biological Sciences specializing in neurobiology at Oxford University. In his early 20s he moved to Japan where he spent 18 years studying Zen and various types of Eastern meditation. He started meditating regularly at age 15 and now 30 years later has clocked up over 30,000 hours in the practice of meditation and breathwork under various teachers.

Having experienced the pitfalls and shortcomings of meditation and spirituality, he went back to neurobiology and developed the Enactivate approach based on real world results and practicality.

Together with his wife and 10 year old son, they live in Wakayama prefecture. Fully bilingual, Max has written several books in Japanese, lecturing at conferences and universities all over the country. Graduates from the Enactivate program now teach and apply his methods in schools, clinics and companies all over Japan. He is now bringing the Enactivate courses into English and Spanish.